Welcome to OpenOversight VA: The Police Data Project.

by alicee on 2023-06-12

OpenOversight VA:The Police Data Project is Virginia's only statewide police transparency database. We maintain data on over 295 police departments and sheriff's offices in Virginia through public records aggregation, open-source intelligence research, community contributions, and, most of all, hundreds of regular Freedom of Information Act requests. Look up police officers, badge numbers, sheriff's deputies, and law enforcement records to access names, incidents, and work histories of police department employees.

Created in October 2022 by Alice Minium, Kevin Finity, and Bryan Davis, we are an independent, decentralized, and fully autonomous collective run entirely by dedicated volunteer researchers, digital archivists, data enthusiasts, and others with a passion for police transparency through public records. We were granted 501(C)(3) nonprofit status in May 2023.

We've collected data on over 30,000 sworn law enforcement officers in Virginia from Fairfax County to Richmond to Virginia Beach to Culpeper County, archived over 100 incidents of misconduct and brutality, added over 1,000 photos, and published over 92 police & sheriff's office policy manuals, some never before released to the public.

Our database will always be free. You can donate here to help us cover FOIA fees and civil litigation. We hope our data is useful to you as you join us in the fight for police transparency across Virginia.

This project was born out of the 2020 George Floyd Uprising in Richmond, VA. It is dedicated to victims of police brutality, those brave enough to share their encounters with police officers, and every officer who "doesn't have a name." Now they do.