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Incident Xzavier-Hill-Family-Surveillance

Date Feb 03, 2023
Report # Xzavier-Hill-Family-Surveillance
Department Fredericksburg Police
Officers Brian F. Layton , Sean M. Danyluk , Mary ("betsy") C. Mason
Address Fredericksburg, VA
Tags Emails  | Fredericksburg Police  | Xzavier Hill  | External FOIAs  | Chief Brian Layton  |

Incident Description

A FOIA request by Josh Stanfield returned over a thousand pages of correspondence pertaining to Latoya Benton, the mother of Xzavier Hill, who is currently suing Benjamin Bone and Seth Layton, her son's killers, in court.

The emails show officers, including Layton's father (Fredericksburg Chief of Police Brian Layton), following Benton's posts on social media.