Incident Shooting of Kenneth Sharp

    Date Mar 31, 2024
    Time 04:58 AM
    Report # Shooting of Kenneth Sharp
    Department Richmond Police Department

    Police responded to a call on the 1900 block of Cedar St. for "a disturbance with an armed person". They later identified the person as Kenneth Sharp, 20, of Richmond.

    An unnamed officer shot Kenneth Sharp, who was transported to the hospital and died there.

    From the active call log, it looks like unit 113A8 responded to the initial call. Numerous other officers from Major Crimes and other precincts showed up once the shooting was reported.

    Address Richmond, VA

    Incident 242

    Date Dec 12, 2023
    Department Augusta County Sheriff's Office
    Officers Andrew John Simonetti

    Deputy Andrew Simonetti was placed on administrative leave after tackling a 58-year-old man outside a storage facility.

    Address Lodge Lane
    Verona, VA

    Incident 237

    Date Oct 13, 2023
    Department Virginia State Police (VSP)
    Officers John Robert Thompson , Fairley Monroe Blevins , Jerry W. Smith , Michael D. Vallejo , Jason R. Stitt , Richard A. Denney

    Former trooper files suit against supervisors, alleging whistleblower retribution for filing misconduct complaints against trooper Fairley M. Blevins.

    Address Richmond, VA

    Incident 235

    Date Oct 13, 2023
    Time 07:45 PM
    Department Christopher Newport University (CNU) Police
    Officers Daniel F. Woloszynowski

    While off-duty, Christopher Newport University Chief of Police Daniel F. Woloszynowski, hit 58-year-old Shaine Deeleeoan Henderson, a pedestrian, with his vehicle and killed him.

    Address Route 60 near Route 199
    Williamsburg, VA

    Incident Wesley-Shifflett-Indicted

    Date Oct 12, 2023
    Report # Wesley-Shifflett-Indicted
    Department Decertified, Dismissed, & Wandering Ex-Police
    Officers Wesley G. Shifflett

    Nearly eight months after Wesley G. Shifflett and James F. Sadler chased, harassed, cornered, and then murdered Timothy "Tim" McCree Johnson, a 37-year-old Black man leaving the mall, a special grand jury in Fairfax County indicted one of them for felony crimes.

    Shifflett, a Fairfax County Police officer since 2016 up until April of 2023, will face a class-five felony charge of involuntary manslaughter and a second charge citing reckless handling of firearms. The special grand jury was the second to convene to consider prosecuting the February 22, 2023 murder of Mr. Johnson. The first grand jury failed to issue a true bill. Sadler, the other Fairfax County officer who shot Tim Johnson and was reportedly not in uniform at the time of the killing, was never charged with a crime.

    Address Fairfax County, VA

    Incident 243

    Date Sep 29, 2023
    Time 03:30 AM
    Department Augusta County Sheriff's Office
    Officers William Anthony Mikolay

    Sgt. William Mikolay was accused of assaulting a man after a chase and was charged in Albemarle County with malicious wounding and misdemeanor assault and battery.

    Address Dudley Mountain Road near Red Hill Road
    Albemarle , VA

    Incident 208

    Date Aug 19, 2023
    Department Fairfax County Police
    Officers Justin Faison

    Off-duty officer arrested after DUI crash

    Address South Manchester Street
    Fairfax County , VA

    Incident 213

    Date Aug 17, 2023
    Department Suffolk Police
    Officers James E. Babor

    Officer Babor was charged with felonies alleging he clocked into work at Suffolk Police while actually working a second job.

    Address Suffolk, VA

    Incident Gregory-Baugher-Kills-Taylor-Drew

    Date Jul 21, 2023
    Time 07:49 AM
    Report # Gregory-Baugher-Kills-Taylor-Drew
    Department Fredericksburg Police
    Officers Gregory A. Baugher

    An officer shot 34-year-old Taylor Lee Drew on July 22, 2023 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Drew was pronounced dead at the hospital.

    Address 1400 block of Sunken Road
    Fredericksburg, VA

    Incident Killing-of-Charles-Byer

    Date Jul 08, 2023
    Time 12:49 PM
    Report # Killing-of-Charles-Byer
    Department Chesterfield County Police
    Address 1200 block of Wycliff Court
    North Chesterfield, VA

    Incident 209

    Date Jun 29, 2023
    Department Culpeper County Sheriff's Office
    Officers Scott Howard Jenkins

    Sheriff Scott Jenkins indicted on federal bribery charges

    Address Culpeper County, VA

    Incident 228

    Date Jun 01, 2023
    Department Amherst County Sheriff's Office
    Officers Juette O. Renalds

    Juette Renalds shot and killed Daniel Scott Meadows.

    Address U.S. 60 near Sandidges Road
    Amherst County, VA

    Incident Best-v-Farr

    Date Apr 18, 2023
    Report # Best-v-Farr
    Department Arlington County Police
    Officers Ryan P. Reese , Christopher R. Mcclaugherty , Alexander Varaklis , Dan M. Russo

    A legal filing submitted to the Virginia Court of Appeals named Arlington County Chief of Police M. Jay Farr and police officers Stephen Clark, Ryan Reese, Christopher McClaugherty, Alexander Varaklis, Jenna Bartholomew, and unidentified "John Does."

    The memorandum opinion issued April 18, 2023 by the Virginia Court of Appeals explains:

    "The complaint alleged that appellees were jointly and severally liable for gross negligence (Count I), willful, wanton, and reckless negligence (Count II), battery (Count III), and separately that Chief Farr was liable for grossly negligent supervision of the police operation carried out by his officers (Count IV)."

    Address Arlington County, VA

    Incident 211

    Date Apr 15, 2023
    Department Virginia State Police (VSP)
    Officers Dylan Jackson Bodek

    Trooper Dylan Bodek was charged with committing a crime against children in Santa Rosa County, Florida.

    Address Santa Rosa County, FL

    Incident Wesley-Shifflett-Fired

    Date Apr 14, 2023
    Report # Wesley-Shifflett-Fired
    Department Decertified, Dismissed, & Wandering Ex-Police
    Officers Wesley G. Shifflett

    The Fairfax County Police Department publicly announced Officer Wesley Shifflett was to be fired after body camera footage of Shifflett killing of Timothy McCree Johnson was released on Thursday, March 23, 2023. The termination was made official on April 14, 2023.

    Address Fairfax County , VA

    Incident 212

    Date Apr 08, 2023
    Department Virginia State Police (VSP)
    Officers Charles Hugo Parsons

    Trooper Parsons was charged with assault on a family member and three counts of assault on a law-enforcement officer.

    Address Norton , VA

    Incident Shooting-of-James-Talbert-III

    Date Mar 31, 2023
    Time 11:09 AM
    Report # Shooting-of-James-Talbert-III
    Department Richmond Police Department
    Address 4200 block of North Avenue
    Richmond, VA

    Incident 210

    Date Mar 27, 2023
    Department Virginia State Police (VSP)
    Officers Chad Wesley Bare

    Trooper Bare was arrested on charges of public intoxication, resisting arrest and assault on a law-enforcement officer. He resigned from the department and pleaded guilty to some charges.

    Address 55th Street
    Virginia Beach, VA

    Incident Deputies-Kill-Irvo-Otieno

    Date Mar 06, 2023
    Time 04:30 PM
    Report # Deputies-Kill-Irvo-Otieno
    Department Henrico County Sheriff's Office
    Officers Randy Joseph Boyer , Dwayne Alan Bramble , Jermaine Lavar Branch , Bradley Thomas Disse , Tabitha Renee Levere , Brandon Edwards Rodgers , Kaiyell Dajour Sanders

    "The deputies are accused of collectively killing Irvo N. Otieno, 28, by essentially smothering the 6-foot 2-inch, 270-pound man as they attempted to restrain him during the admission process at Central State Hospital."

    Address Central State Hospital, Washington Street
    Dinwiddie County, VA

    Incident Wandering-Officers-2023

    Date Feb 25, 2023
    Report # Wandering-Officers-2023
    Department Decertified, Dismissed, & Wandering Ex-Police
    Officers Joseph A. Wood , Matthew S. Riley , Robbie Oberholzer , Patrick Joseph Digirolamo , Tyler Ryan Timberlake , Seth Walker Layton , Christopher R. Paroskie , Christopher Shane Simpkins , Michael Neal Santare , Jacob Stratton , Drake Edward Judy , Edward J. Ryan , Kenneth N. Werts , Paul L. Brothers Iv , Polly F. Griffin , Rodney D. Whited Ii

    This entry serves to consolidate records on officers who have gained new employment recently (at either a different department or once again at an old department) after resigning or being dismissed amid a controversial incident, lawsuit, or highly public incident of misconduct while in their previous role.

    Address Everywhere, VA