Incident Ryheam-D-Brown

    Date Feb 03, 2023
    Time 09:23 PM
    Report # Ryheam-D-Brown
    Department Lynchburg Police

    Twenty-five-year-old Ryheam Damon Brown was shot and killed by a Lynchburg Police officer off 17th Street on the night of February 3, 2023. He was transported to the hospital, where he died.

    Address 1400 block 17th Street
    Lynchburg, VA

    Incident Craig Byl

    Date Jan 29, 2023
    Time 09:30 PM
    Report # Craig Byl
    Department Virginia Beach Police

    Craig Byl, 48, was shot and killed by Virginia Beach Police inside his home behind the front door while up to 61 police officers responded to a call (four officers fired their guns) while Byl claimed he wanted to hurt himself.

    Address 1900 block of Decathlon Drive near Killey Street
    Virginia Beach, VA

    Incident Colas-v-Tyree-Opinion

    Date Jan 26, 2023
    Report # Colas-v-Tyree-Opinion
    Department Virginia Beach Police
    Officers Bradley Scott Colas
    Address Virginia Beach, VA

    Incident Frenzley-v-Brothers

    Date Jan 25, 2023
    Report # Frenzley-v-Brothers
    Department Westmoreland County Sheriff's Office
    Officers Paul L. Brothers Iv

    A civil suit was filed against Paul L. Brothers IV for an assault he committed on April 3, 2021, for which Brothers was subsequently terminated from his position and briefly decertified by the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

    Address US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia
    Richmond, VA

    Incident Kyle-Adam-Mills

    Date Jan 25, 2023
    Time 09:00 PM
    Report # Kyle-Adam-Mills
    Department Craig County Sheriff's Office

    Craig County sheriff's deputies shot and killed 22-year-old Kyle Adam Mills inside his own home. He died before he could be moved to a hospital.

    Address News Castle, VA

    Incident Case No 23-003

    Date Jan 11, 2023
    Report # Case No 23-003
    Department Richmond Sheriff's Office

    Steven Carey died at the Richmond City Justice Center on January 11, 2023 from a fentanyl-related overdose, according to medical examiners.

    Address Richmond, VA

    Incident Lamont-Lee-Lewis

    Date Jan 11, 2023
    Time 11:20 AM
    Report # Lamont-Lee-Lewis
    Department Hampton Police
    Address 800 block Big Bethel Road near Todds Lane
    Hampton, VA

    Incident Cody-Adams-Kills-Douglas-Price

    Date Jan 09, 2023
    Time 04:47 AM
    Report # Cody-Adams-Kills-Douglas-Price
    Department Richmond Police Department
    Officers Cody George Adams

    Richmond Police Sergeant Cody Adams shot 61-year-old Douglas Price on January 9, 2023 after forcibly entering his home during a "multi-jurisdictional narcotics raid." Adams died in the hospital on July 12 from injuries.

    Address 3300 block of McGuire Drive
    Richmond, VA

    Incident Case No 22-0066

    Date Dec 12, 2022
    Report # Case No 22-0066
    Department Richmond Sheriff's Office

    Vance Holloway was found dead in his cell on December 12, 2022, while awaiting sentencing.

    Sheriff Antionette Irving's Office has released limited information surrounding Holloway's death, citing an ongoing investigation, but did say first responders were called to the jail for a medical emergency.

    Address Richmond, VA

    Incident Deshawn-Whitaker

    Date Dec 01, 2022
    Time 03:30 PM
    Report # Deshawn-Whitaker
    Department Virginia Beach Police

    Virginia Beach police officers shoot and kill 28-year-old Deshawn Whitaker. Whitaker died on December 2 from his injuries.

    Address 665 block Newtown Road
    Virginia Beach, VA

    Incident Jones-Admin-Leave

    Date Dec 01, 2022
    Time 12:00 AM
    Report # Jones-Admin-Leave
    Department Fairfax County Police
    Officers Nathan Jerome Jones

    Off-duty officer Nathan Jerome Jones was arrested for a DUI and placed on administrative leave.

    Address Woodbridge, VA

    Incident CJSB-Appeals-Nov-2022

    Date Nov 17, 2022
    Time 10:00 AM
    Report # CJSB-Appeals-Nov-2022
    Department Decertified, Dismissed, & Wandering Ex-Police
    Officers Polly F. Griffin , Jason R. Davis

    The Criminal Justice Services Board Executive Committee meets bimonthly for two days to hear the appeals of decertified law enforcement officers.

    In November 2022, Polly Griffin (formerly of VCU Police) and Jason Davis (formerly of the Buchanan County Sheriff's Office) were reinstated as law enforcement officers.

    The Committee heard an appeal from Daniel Newland of the Campbell County Sheriff's Office but voted to uphold his decertification.

    Address 1100 Bank Street
    Richmond, VA

    Incident Case No 22-0060

    Date Nov 14, 2022
    Report # Case No 22-0060
    Department Richmond Sheriff's Office
    Officers Anthony Barnes Sr

    Nina Hill, who had been arrested three days earlier on charges of possession and assault, died on Nov. 14 after being found unconscious in her cell.

    An incident report reviewed by The Times-Dispatch details how jail staff noticed Hill “didn’t look to [sic] well” during “pill pass,” where jail nurses make rounds of inmate cells to dispense medications.

    “After several attempted [sic] of calling her name and knocking on the door Nurse McDowell and I entered the cell,” wrote the reporting officer, deputy Anthony Barnes Jr.

    Address Richmond, VA

    Incident Temiki-Murray

    Date Nov 10, 2022
    Report # Temiki-Murray
    Department Fairfax County Police

    Temiki Murray, age 44, was killed by Fairfax County Police while in their "custody."

    Address 6500 block Amherst Avenue
    Springfield, VA

    Incident Shooting-of-Kelvin-Hunter

    Date Oct 28, 2022
    Report # Shooting-of-Kelvin-Hunter
    Department Chesterfield County Police
    Officers Kevin A. Bates
    Address 5000 block of Timsberry Circle
    Chesterfield County, VA

    Incident FCPD-Racism-Complaint

    Date Oct 14, 2022
    Time 12:00 PM
    Report # FCPD-Racism-Complaint
    Department Fairfax County Police

    "The Complaint centered on a call for service related to an interaction between a Black female Amazon delivery driver and a White male resident of an apartment building.

    The Complainants, both the delivery driver and her mother, alleged that officers of the Fairfax County Police Department (“FCPD”) did not respond properly to a 9-1-1 call that the mother made after receiving a phone call from her frightened daughter about a man and a gun. The daughter alleged in that phone call and to responding officers that the male resident walked behind her carrying a gun at his side minutes after a short, terse conversation regarding a parking spot. The responding FCPD officers neither arrested nor charged the resident with a crime following interviews of the driver and resident, respectively.

    The Complainants’ primary contention was that responding officers, both White males, demonstrated racial bias in how they handled the matter because the outcome would have been different if the races of the individuals involved were reversed. The Internal Affairs Bureau (“IAB”) of the FCPD investigated the Complaint and ultimately agreed that a supervisor of the responding officers had mistakenly provided inaccurate and incomplete information to the mother of the delivery driver the day after the incident, in violation of FCPD policies, and the IAB took corrective action with respect to the supervisor. The IAB, however, did not find the responding officers (or the supervisor) to have engaged in bias-based policing constituting serious misconduct."

    -"Report of Panel Findings for Complaint No. CRP-22-06" by Fairfax County Police Civilian Review Panel)

    Address Fairfax County, VA

    Incident Mario-Hunter-UOF

    Date Oct 13, 2022
    Time 01:30 AM
    Report # Mario-Hunter-UOF
    Department Portsmouth Police
    Officers Mario B. Hunter

    Detective Hunter assaulted a man lying on the ground and had to be physically restrained by other officers. He was suspended without pay pending a use of force investigation for his conduct.

    Address George Washington Highway
    Portsmouth, VA

    Incident CJSB-Appeals-Sept-2022

    Date Sep 22, 2022
    Time 10:00 AM
    Report # CJSB-Appeals-Sept-2022
    Department Decertified, Dismissed, & Wandering Ex-Police
    Officers Matthew S. Riley

    The Criminal Justice Services Board Executive Committee met on September 22 and 23, 2022 to discuss decertification appeals filed by several decertified Virginia police officers. The board voted to reinstate these officers.

    The Criminal Justice Services Board Executive Committee meets bimonthly for two days to hear the appeals of decertified law enforcement officers, among its other duties.

    Address 1100 Bank Street
    Richmond, VA

    Incident Fracker-Decertified

    Date Sep 21, 2022
    Report # Fracker-Decertified
    Department Decertified, Dismissed, & Wandering Ex-Police
    Officers Jacob M. Fracker

    "Fracker, Jacob M. Decertification Cause: 15.2-1707(A)-(1) Felony count- Conspiracy to Obstruct Official Proceeding."

    Address Rocky Mount, VA

    Incident Copp-Admin-Leave

    Date Sep 09, 2022
    Time 12:24 AM
    Report # Copp-Admin-Leave
    Department Fairfax County Police
    Officers Stephen A. Copp

    Stephen Copp was off-duty driving a County vehicle when he was arrested in Stafford County for a DUI. The County vehicle was reportedly found to have front-end damage.

    He was placed on administrative leave and subject to an Internal Affairs investigation.

    Address Courthouse Road near Hospital Center Boulevard
    Stafford County, VA