General Information

Name Polly F. Griffin
OpenOversight ID 78506
Unique Internal Identifier Griffin-Polly-F
Department Petersburg Police
Race White
Gender Female
Birth Year (Age) 1970 (~54 y/o)
First Employment Date 2006-05-10
Number of known incidents 3
Currently on the force Yes
Tags Wandering Cops, Decertifications, Excessive Force, Reinstated

Assignment History

Department Job Title Badge No. Unit Start Date End Date
Petersburg Police Officer 10251 Uniform Field Operations 2023-02-27
Decertified, Dismissed, & Wandering Ex-Police Certification Reinstated Appealed 2022-08-22 2022-11-17
Decertified, Dismissed, & Wandering Ex-Police Decertified by CJSB Appealed Unknown 2022-05-27
Virginia Commonwealth University Police Officer Not Sure 2006-05-10 2022-02-11


  • Mar 20, 2024

    Note: From 2001 to 2006, Polly Griffin worked as a corrections officer at Pamunkey Regional Jail. From 2006 to 2021, she worked as a VCU Police officer until she was charged with committing assault and battery while on duty and in uniform. She was decertified by the Criminal Justice Services Board, then reinstated in November 2022.

    On February 27, 2023, according to rosters obtained under FOIA, Polly Griffin was hired by the Petersburg Bureau of Police.


Incident Wandering-Officers-2023

Date Feb 25, 2023
Report # Wandering-Officers-2023
Department Decertified, Dismissed, & Wandering Ex-Police
Officers Joseph A. Wood , Matthew S. Riley , Robbie Oberholzer , Patrick Joseph Digirolamo , Tyler Ryan Timberlake , Seth Walker Layton , Christopher R. Paroskie , Christopher Shane Simpkins , Michael Neal Santare , Jacob Stratton , Drake Edward Judy , Edward J. Ryan , Kenneth N. Werts , Paul L. Brothers Iv , Polly F. Griffin , Rodney D. Whited Ii

This entry serves to consolidate records on officers who have gained new employment recently (at either a different department or once again at an old department) after resigning or being dismissed amid a controversial incident, lawsuit, or highly public incident of misconduct while in their previous role.

Address Everywhere, VA

Incident CJSB-Appeals-Nov-2022

Date Nov 17, 2022
Time 10:00 AM
Report # CJSB-Appeals-Nov-2022
Department Decertified, Dismissed, & Wandering Ex-Police
Officers Polly F. Griffin , Jason R. Davis

The Criminal Justice Services Board Executive Committee meets bimonthly for two days to hear the appeals of decertified law enforcement officers.

In November 2022, Polly Griffin (formerly of VCU Police) and Jason Davis (formerly of the Buchanan County Sheriff's Office) were reinstated as law enforcement officers.

The Committee heard an appeal from Daniel Newland of the Campbell County Sheriff's Office but voted to uphold his decertification.

Address 1100 Bank Street
Richmond, VA

Incident Officer-Griffin-Indicted

Date Oct 27, 2021
Report # Officer-Griffin-Indicted
Department Virginia Commonwealth University Police
Officers Polly F. Griffin

Longtime VCU Police officer Polly F. Griffin was arrested, charged, indicted, and subsequently decertified as a police officer after assaulting an individual while on duty and in uniform. Griffin appealed her decertification status to the CJSB Executive Committee; her certification was reinstated on November 17, 2022 without the public taking much notice.

Address Richmond, VA