General Information

Name Scott Howard Jenkins
OpenOversight ID 83204
Unique Internal Identifier Jenkins-Scott-Howard
Department Culpeper County Sheriff's Office
Race White
Gender Male
Birth Year (Age) 1971 (~53 y/o)
First Employment Date 2012-01-01
Number of known incidents 1
Currently on the force Yes

Assignment History

Department Job Title Badge No. Unit Start Date End Date
Culpeper County Sheriff's Office Culpeper County Sheriff 1 Sheriff 2012-01-01
Culpeper County Sheriff's Office Sheriff 1 Command Unknown


  • Sep 16, 2023

    On the Culpeper County Sheriff's Office official website, the federally-indicted Jenkins describes himself:

    "Scott Jenkins is a recognized thought leader in the areas of Second Amendment rights, secure communities, constitutional government, and law enforcement. He is recognized for his no-nonsense but compassionate approach to law enforcement. His thought leadership in these areas has resulted in him being invited to the White House numerous times for briefings with the Executive Branch. He also speaks at local, state, and national conferences on these issues. He has... appearances on Fox News...His principled stand, as well as his untiring commitment to protecting our Second Amendment, helped lead to the defeat of one of the most overreaching gun-control bills proposed by the Democrat Virginia legislature in the 2020 session...."

    In 2023, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Western District of Virginia indicted Jenkins on federal bribery charges.


Annual Salary Overtime & Other Pay Total Pay Year
$136,206.12 FY2023


Incident 209

Date Jun 29, 2023
Department Culpeper County Sheriff's Office
Officers Scott Howard Jenkins

Sheriff Scott Jenkins indicted on federal bribery charges

Address Culpeper County, VA


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    A news story about Sheriff Scott Jenkins flying first-class to Las Vegas - News4
  • Concerns raised after 17-year-old son of Culpeper sheriff joins response to school emergency Edit Delete
    A news story about the 17-year-old son of Sheriff Scott Jenkins engaging in law enforcement activities at his school. - News 4
  • Meet the Sheriff Edit Delete
    "Scott Jenkins has held a number of supervisory and leadership positions throughout his career. He formed the first SWAT Team in Culpeper County, conducted the first active shooter training in Culpeper, and has served for years as a tactics and firearms instructor. Under his leadership, active shooter training has been provided to every public school employee in Culpeper County. The Culpeper Sheriff's Office provides free concealed carry training to thousands of law-abiding citizens..." - Culpeper County Sheriff's Office
  • For Immediate Release: Virginia Sheriff, Three Others Indicted on Federal Bribery Charges Edit Delete
    "According to the indictment, from at least April 2019, Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Howard Jenkins, 51, accepted cash bribes and bribes in the form of campaign contributions totaling at least $72,500 from Rick Tariq Rahim, 55, of Great Falls, Virginia, Fredric Gumbinner, 64, of Fairfax, Virginia, James Metcalf, 60, of Manassas, Virginia, and at least five others, including two FBI undercover agents. In return, Jenkins appointed each of the bribe payors as auxiliary deputy sheriffs, a sworn law-enforcement position, and issued them Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office badges and identification." - U.S. Attorney's Office, Western District of Virginia (June 29, 2023)
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    News story about bribery charges against Sheriff Scott Jenkins - WUSA9
  • Culpeper sheriff defends conduct in Hash case Edit Delete
    A 2012 news story about how Scott Jenkins investigated a capital murder case in which a judge found police and prosecutorial misconduct and said Jenkins testified falsely. - Richmond Times-Dispatch
  • Jenkins Indictment Edit Delete
    "As Sheriff, JENKINS had authority to appoint Auxiliary Deputy Sheriffs ~ Volunteer sworn law-enforcement officers ~ to supplement the Sheriff’s Office’s law-enforcement capabilities. JENKINS had a duty to exercise that authority for the benefit of Culpeper County and its residents. Instead, JENKINS used the powers of his office to enrich himself and to secure funds for his re-election, accepting bribes totaling at least $72,500..."