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Incident Best-v-Farr

Date Apr 18, 2023
Report # Best-v-Farr
Department Arlington County Police
Officers Ryan P. Reese , Christopher R. Mcclaugherty , Alexander Varaklis , Dan M. Russo
Address Arlington County, VA
Tags Northern Virginia  | Lawsuit  | Arlington County Police  | Virginia Court of Appeals  | Memorandum Opinion  |

Incident Description

A legal filing submitted to the Virginia Court of Appeals named Arlington County Chief of Police M. Jay Farr and police officers Stephen Clark, Ryan Reese, Christopher McClaugherty, Alexander Varaklis, Jenna Bartholomew, and unidentified "John Does."

The memorandum opinion issued April 18, 2023 by the Virginia Court of Appeals explains:

"The complaint alleged that appellees were jointly and severally liable for gross negligence (Count I), willful, wanton, and reckless negligence (Count II), battery (Count III), and separately that Chief Farr was liable for grossly negligent supervision of the police operation carried out by his officers (Count IV)."