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Incident Oberholzer-Godfrey-Hudson-Young-Denault-Discipline

Date Jun 03, 2021
Time 12:00 PM
Report # Oberholzer-Godfrey-Hudson-Young-Denault-Discipline
Department Charlottesville Police
Officers Scott Godfrey , Robbie Oberholzer
Address Charlottesville, VA
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Incident Description

A lawsuit mentions a report of officers engaging in "unlawful, criminal, departmentally inappropriate, misogynistic, harassing, and racist behaviors" that sparked an investigation into Cpl. Robbie Oberholzer, Sgt. Scott Godfrey, Sgt.

Michael Hudson, Cpl. Steve Young, Officer Bethany Denault (Boury) by the police chief, for which she later claimed she faced retaliation.

After the Charlottesville Police Department, Oberholzer went on to work for the Augusta County Sheriff's Office while Godfrey went on to work for the Albemarle Police.