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Incident HPD-Jan-4-22-Shooting

Date Jan 04, 2022
Time 11:04 AM
Report # HPD-Jan-4-22-Shooting
Department Hampton Police
Address 1000 West Mercury Boulevard
Hampton, VA

Incident Description

A male Hampton Police officer shot a 31-year-old unarmed Black man.

(The victim did not initiate their encounter nor attempt to escalate prior to being shot by the police. In a statement released by police, the officer said he shot the man in "defense" of a female Sergeant present. According to her and the male officer, she had just been "hit" in the head with a baseball bat that the man had been holding while she initiated and pursued an "encounter" with him, which the male officer witnessed; the details of which are not publicly known.)

The male officer fired five shots at the 31-year-old Black man, who was hit by three of the bullets. He was taken to the hospital. He survived.

On its website. Hampton Police issued a one-paragraph statement with the police account of the shooting. The officer who committed the shooting was not named.