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Incident Troy-Reed-Complaint

Date Apr 24, 2022
Report # Troy-Reed-Complaint
Department Richmond Sheriff's Office
Officers James Merritte
Address 1701 Fairfield Way
Richmond, VA
Tags Lawsuit  | Virginia Eastern District Court  | Richmond Sheriff's Office  | Prison/Jail  | Incarcerated Person  | Sexual Harassment  |

Incident Description

A complaint filed in Virginia Eastern District Court states: "On the 27th day of April Deputy James Merritte III told me to suck his [PROFANITY] in front of the hold unit and when on to say that he would suck mines too and if I needed anything for him to call me at [PHONE NUMBER]..."

The case, "Reed v Richmond City Justice Center" (Case No. 1:22-cv-00488-AJT-JFA) was filed by Troy Lamonte Reed on May 4, 2022 while incarcerated at Richmond City Justice Center.