Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Police

    Incident Cochran-Bodycam

    Date Feb 04, 2023
    Report # Cochran-Bodycam
    Department Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Police
    Officers Kevin D. Cochran
    Address N. Belvidere Street
    Richmond, VA

    Incident VCU-Police-Assault-Christopher-Watkins

    Date Jan 01, 2022
    Time 12:00 PM
    Report # VCU-Police-Assault-Christopher-Watkins
    Department Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Police

    A 2022 lawsuit was filed alleging unnamed VCU Police officers assaulted and pepper sprayed a man while he stood outside the hospital waiting for his ride.

    Address E. Marshall Street
    Richmond, VA

    Incident Officer-Griffin-Indicted

    Date Oct 27, 2021
    Report # Officer-Griffin-Indicted
    Department Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Police
    Officers Polly F. Griffin

    Longtime VCU Police officer Polly F. Griffin was arrested, charged, indicted, and subsequently decertified as a police officer after assaulting an individual while on duty and in uniform. Griffin appealed her decertification status to the CJSB Executive Committee; her certification was reinstated on November 17, 2022 without the public taking much notice.

    Address Richmond, VA