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    Incident Jasper-Aaron-Lynch

    Date Jul 07, 2022
    Time 08:34 PM
    Report # Jasper-Aaron-Lynch
    Department Fairfax County Police
    Officers Edward Kenneth George

    Trooper Edward George shot and killed 26-year-old Aaron Lynch (or Jasper Aaron Lynch), a trans man, who was experiencing a mental health crisis in his own home. The shooting and its particularities (see links below) was widely considered a deep injustice and egregious act by law enforcement.

    "'The officers attempted to de-escalate the situation with verbal commands inside the foyer of the home,” the FCPD said. “Lynch [allegedly] threw the mask at an officer and [allegedly] began to swing the bottle in a striking motion. Two officers attempted to utilize their Electronic Control Weapons. Lynch ran toward officers while swinging the bottle. One officer discharged his firearm, striking Lynch four times.'" (FFX Now, 07/2022)

    Address McLean, VA
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