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Incident Cody-Adams-Kills-Douglas-Price

Date Jan 09, 2023
Time 04:47 AM
Report # Cody-Adams-Kills-Douglas-Price
Department Richmond Police Department
Officers Cody George Adams
Address 3300 block of McGuire Drive
Richmond, VA
Tags Richmond Police  | Police Shootings  | Cody Adams  | Task Force  | Home Invasion  | Narcotics  | Douglas Price  | Chief Rick Adams  | Police Shootings in 2023  | Bodycam Video  | Killing  |

Incident Description

Richmond Police Sergeant Cody Adams shot 61-year-old Douglas Price on January 9, 2023 after forcibly entering his home during a "multi-jurisdictional narcotics raid." Adams died in the hospital on July 12 from injuries.


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