General Information

Name Cody George Adams
OpenOversight ID 43278
Unique Internal Identifier adams-cody-george
Department Richmond Police Department
Race White
Gender Male
Birth Year (Age) 1996 (~28 y/o)
First Employment Date 2014-08-11
Number of known incidents 2
Currently on the force Yes

Assignment History

Department Job Title Badge No. Unit Start Date End Date
Richmond Police Department Sergeant Special Investigations 2014-08-11
Richmond Police Department Police Sergeant 4th Precinct FMT Unknown


Incident Cody-Adams-Kills-Douglas-Price

Date Jan 09, 2023
Time 04:47 AM
Report # Cody-Adams-Kills-Douglas-Price
Department Richmond Police Department
Officers Cody George Adams

Richmond Police Sergeant Cody Adams shot 61-year-old Douglas Price on January 9, 2023 after forcibly entering his home during a "multi-jurisdictional narcotics raid." Adams died in the hospital on July 12 from injuries.

Address 3300 block of McGuire Drive
Richmond, VA

Incident Gas-Attack-Police-Riot-0612020

Date Jun 01, 2020
Time 06:00 PM
Report # Gas-Attack-Police-Riot-0612020
Department Richmond Police Department
Officers Kevin C. Knudsen , Samuel Sungwon Yoon , Robert Misegades , John W. Barkley , Anthony Tyler Farnsworth , Anthony J. Catoggio , Albert Jon Korngage , Akeem Jones , Benjamin J. Neifeld , Brady W. Mcwhirter , Brian J. Corrigan , Brian N. Robinson , Brian J. Rogers , Brian O. Prendergast , Brandy Lamont Thornton , Christopher Jerrone Brown , Christopher Lee Saunders , Cleophas Alexander Williams , Christopher M. Gleason , Christian James , Cody George Adams , Christopher A. Snyder , David Alexander Marakovitz , Dave R. Conyers , Dominic Joseph Colombo , Douglas Rene Gutierrez , Derajon Clifton Chavis , Dario Buraliev , David Edward Stone , Edward Charles Costley , Ernest L. Ford , Fred E. Bates , Harry William Fitzpatrick , Jakob Anthony Torres , Jason B. Hudson , Jason L. Pittman , Jason Dale Pritchard , Jason James Smith , Jessica Rae Spence , John Matthew Story , Jonathan D. Myers , Junius Oneal Thorpe , Justin D. Land , Jean Joel Assad , Jason Kuti , Jason B. Reese , Jean-Guy Legouffe , Levi Manns Iv , Mark Thomas Janowski , Marshall M. Young , Matthew A. Robinson , Michael P. Kiniry , Michael L. Musselwhite , Michael A. Verbena , Matthew J. Mchugh , Matthew Lewis Pollack , Oscar Reyes , Richard Carter Redford , Robert L. Jamison , Robert C. Taylor , Russell A. Pearce , Ryan J. Novak , Ryan Legros , Seth Walker Layton , Stephen William Pishock , Sean David Arthur Alston , Steven L. Durham , Timothy Ryan Burgess , Trishonda M. Chasteen , Benito Emmanuel Frias , Wayne Thomas Hartley , William David Travers

Richmond Police officers attack a crowd of everyday citizens protesting the police killing of George Floyd with chemical weapons and physical violence. Two years later, a federal court ordered the Richmond Police Department to correct the record with an admission that it had lied about the circumstances of the attack (it did so with a tweet). While multiple lawsuits, complaints, and inquiries emerged from the terror of that day, no officer was fired as a result of their conduct on June 1, 2020.

Address 1700 Monument Avenue near N. Allen Avenue
Richmond, VA