General Information

Name Jason Kuti
OpenOversight ID 43566
Unique Internal Identifier kuti-jason
Department Richmond Police Department
Race White
Gender Male
Birth Year (Age) Data Missing
First Employment Date 2003-06-23
Number of known incidents 2
Currently on the force No

Assignment History

Department Job Title Badge No. Unit Start Date End Date
Richmond Police Department Police Officer Unknown Unknown 2023-01-01


Annual Salary Overtime & Other Pay Total Pay Year
$58,519.00 2022
$58,518.99 FY2022


Incident Schmidt-v-City-of-Richmond

Date May 30, 2022
Time 09:00 AM
Report # Schmidt-v-City-of-Richmond
Department Richmond Police Department
Officers Jon Wills Bridges , Thomas ("tommy") Lloyd , Jakob Anthony Torres , Brenda Milena Ruiz , Benjamin James Frazer , Patrick Joseph Digirolamo , Junius Oneal Thorpe , Nico Savon Young , Christopher M. Gleason , Frank Scarpa , Kathryn Leone , Duane Peppel , Khalid Harris , Benjamin Starr Malone , Keegan Thomas Mills , Dario Buraliev , Dominic Joseph Colombo , Daniel Joseph Bondy , Tyler Rhys Craig , Jason Kuti , Steven F. Rawlings

"A. The City of Richmond Police Department (“RPD”) agrees to memorialize a First Amendment policy in a General Order and will seek input from Plaintiffs, through counsel, with the ultimate policy being approved through RPD’s normal chain of command, and implement training once approved.

B. RPD will review its General Orders to determine which, if any, may be published on its website, in a fashion similar to Fairfax County, Virginia’s police department.

C. RPD will provide a status update to Plaintiffs’ counsel ninety (90) days from the date of this execution of this Release and Settlement Agreement, and on a continuing basis thereafter until all policies have been reviewed."

Address Richmond, VA

Incident Gas-Attack-Police-Riot-0612020

Date Jun 01, 2020
Time 06:00 PM
Report # Gas-Attack-Police-Riot-0612020
Department Richmond Police Department
Officers Kevin C. Knudsen , Samuel Sungwon Yoon , Robert Misegades , John W. Barkley , Anthony Tyler Farnsworth , Anthony J. Catoggio , Albert Jon Korngage , Akeem Jones , Benjamin J. Neifeld , Brady W. Mcwhirter , Brian J. Corrigan , Brian N. Robinson , Brian J. Rogers , Brian O. Prendergast , Brandy Lamont Thornton , Christopher Jerrone Brown , Christopher Lee Saunders , Cleophas Alexander Williams , Christopher M. Gleason , Christian James , Cody George Adams , Christopher A. Snyder , David Alexander Marakovitz , Dave R. Conyers , Dominic Joseph Colombo , Douglas Rene Gutierrez , Derajon Clifton Chavis , Dario Buraliev , David Edward Stone , Edward Charles Costley , Ernest L. Ford , Fred E. Bates , Harry William Fitzpatrick , Jakob Anthony Torres , Jason B. Hudson , Jason L. Pittman , Jason Dale Pritchard , Jason James Smith , Jessica Rae Spence , John Matthew Story , Jonathan D. Myers , Junius Oneal Thorpe , Justin D. Land , Jean Joel Assad , Jason Kuti , Jason B. Reese , Jean-Guy Legouffe , Levi Manns Iv , Mark Thomas Janowski , Marshall M. Young , Matthew A. Robinson , Michael P. Kiniry , Michael L. Musselwhite , Michael A. Verbena , Matthew J. Mchugh , Matthew Lewis Pollack , Oscar Reyes , Richard Carter Redford , Robert L. Jamison , Robert C. Taylor , Russell A. Pearce , Ryan J. Novak , Ryan Legros , Seth Walker Layton , Stephen William Pishock , Sean David Arthur Alston , Steven L. Durham , Timothy Ryan Burgess , Trishonda M. Chasteen , Benito Emmanuel Frias , Wayne Thomas Hartley , William David Travers

Richmond Police officers attack a crowd of everyday citizens protesting the police killing of George Floyd with chemical weapons and physical violence. Two years later, a federal court ordered the Richmond Police Department to correct the record with an admission that it had lied about the circumstances of the attack (it did so with a tweet). While multiple lawsuits, complaints, and inquiries emerged from the terror of that day, no officer was fired as a result of their conduct on June 1, 2020.

Address 1700 Monument Avenue near N. Allen Avenue
Richmond, VA