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    Incident Cochran-Bodycam

    Date Feb 04, 2023
    Report # Cochran-Bodycam
    Department Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Police
    Officers Kevin D. Cochran
    Address N. Belvidere Street
    Richmond, VA
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    Incident VCU-Police-Assault-Christopher-Watkins

    Date Jan 01, 2022
    Time 12:00 PM
    Report # VCU-Police-Assault-Christopher-Watkins
    Department Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Police

    A 2022 lawsuit was filed alleging unnamed VCU Police officers assaulted and pepper sprayed a man while he stood outside the hospital waiting for his ride.

    Address E. Marshall Street
    Richmond, VA
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    Incident Officer-Griffin-Indicted

    Date Oct 27, 2021
    Report # Officer-Griffin-Indicted
    Department Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Police
    Officers Polly F. Griffin

    Longtime VCU Police officer Polly F. Griffin was arrested, charged, indicted, and subsequently decertified as a police officer after assaulting an individual while on duty and in uniform. Griffin appealed her decertification status to the CJSB Executive Committee; her certification was reinstated on November 17, 2022 without the public taking much notice.

    Address Richmond, VA
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    Incident 224

    Date Jan 01, 2014
    Department Christopher Newport University (CNU) Police
    Officers Craig R. Ozment , Brandon ("scott") S. Austin

    While few details are known publicly, it was reported that Officers Craig Ozment and Brandon Scott Austin, then employed as police officers at Christopher Newport University, allegedly used racial slurs and threatened fellow employees in the department.

    According to the Daily Press, "A federal civil rights agency concluded... that Christopher Newport University police officers subjected two co-workers to death threats and a hostile work environment last year, in violation of federal law. CNU President Paul Trible said the agency’s findings weren’t valid, and said he plans to take no action in response to the finding except fighting the case in court if necessary."

    Address 12270 Warwick Boulevard
    Newport News, VA
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    Incident 225

    Date Aug 01, 2000
    Department Christopher Newport University (CNU) Police
    Officers Brandon ("scott") S. Austin

    CNU Police Officer Brandon ("Scott") S. Austin was accused of making a traffic stop where he did not have jurisdiction to do so. He was also accused of conducting a false arrest, violating a plaintiff's civil rights, and lying before a magistrate.

    U.S. Magistrate Judge James E. Bradberry upheld CNU's jurisdiction but suggested Brandon Scott Austin be relieved of his duties, the Daily Press reported.

    "Meisner said he was concerned when Austin pulled him over and he noticed Austin was not a city police officer. He said Austin was shouting for him to get out of his car, and that frightened him," the Daily Press wrote. "He said Austin also failed to identify himself. Meisner asked Austin to call the city police. Austin refused, so Meisner drove away to a lighted area where he could contact the police. He drove to Oyster Point Shopping Center and Newport News police arrived. They let him go...

    'About a week later police came to Meisner’s home and, Meisner said, they arrested him in front of his family, babysitter, and neighbors...."

    Address Country Club Road near Shoe Lane
    Newport News, VA
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